Wouldn’t you love having an island in your kitchen? If you would, this is your lucky day!

This week Talavera Custom, is working installing a full custom kitchen for our new partnership and satellite showroom location inside The Floor Store in Mesa AZ. We designed this new kitchen with a spectacular island and a wine station. So we want to let you know how is the process of this new masterpiece.

This client/partner asked us if we could innovate their kitchen. For us it was very important to know what they wanted, capture it and make it a reality. After some meetings, we had an incredible brainstorm, many ideas floated in the air and we settle some of them. Today, we want to share them with you.

In the design of this renewal, we included a kitchen island, we think this could fill gaps of space and at the same time add more storage (this can work in case you don’t have enough space), also the island adds style, and extra seating to share with your loved ones.

Additionally, we are remodeling the kitchen cabinets, and we have decided to add a wine station, so they can have it on hand, it will be sensational!

We are still under construction stage and all you can see a little mess. But work together with our partners/clients from The Floor Store and Spencer’s Appliance made a team of specialists to offer full service/turnkey home remodeling solutions.

In coming days, you will see a completed showroom pics and or video when counters and appliances are all in place.


Don’t forget to read our other articles and comment below with us any ideas you have in mind to remodel your home.

Have a happy remodeling day!

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